descon - careers

Descon - Careers

Descon is Pakistan’s leading Engineering enterprise with a wealth of expertise in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Cement, Power, Hydro Power, Dams/Barrages/ Canals, Fertilizer, Renewable Energy, Sugar, Industrial, Chemical and Petrochemicals.

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descon - engineering, power and chemicals

Descon - Engineering, Power and Chemicals

Descon's global presence spreads across United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar from where new ventures are executed in Kuwait, Iraq, Oman and Egypt. The development and manufacturing of industrial process equipment and piping spool takes effect from our state-of-the-art plant. The strength of our experienced project team carrying operations have the essential ISO, OHSAS and ASME

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2019-1-28 · Successful Delivery of Bagasse Fired Boiler to Sugar Mill Descon Engineering's Manufacturing Division successfully engineered, supplied & commissioned the complete 80 T PH 26 kg/cm2g 3500C Bagasse Fired Boiler toJK Sugar Mills,Vehari Road, Khanewal. The strict timelines of this project were a challenge for Descon but, the experienced, dedicated and

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descon presentation - slideshare

Descon Presentation - SlideShare

Descon Presentation 1. descon 2. descon India Afghanistan Fateh Jang Khanewal Pakistan Karachi Lahore Footprint - Pakistan • DEL Offices • Manufacturing Facilities • Chemicals Plants • Power Assets Corporat e Office Iran China Islamabad

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m.usman ali internship report. - slideshare

M.Usman Ali Internship Report. - SlideShare

6 Muhammad Usman Ali, UCET, UOS. Boiler My department in Descon is Boiler design. Descon is manufacturing boilers of different types and sizes not only for clients in Pakistan also in Gulf countries. Boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil.

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gulf consultants kuwait jobs - latest jobs 2020

Gulf Consultants KUWAIT JOBS - Latest Jobs 2020

2020-3-17 · Exp in HDPE Plant is Preferable. Boiler Operator-3 Slary 180 KD Boiler attendant Course in Boiler Operation with 5 Yrs Exp as Boiler Operator in Industry with medium range (8 ton, 15 bar) fire tube boilers, Operation & maintenance of boilers, Knowledge of feed water treatment.

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descon internship report - slideshare

Descon Internship report - SlideShare

The heat energy from the gases passes through the sides of the tubes by thermal conduction, heating the water and ultimately creating steam. A fire-tube boiler is sometimes called a "smoke-tube boiler" or "shell boiler" or sometimes just "fire pipe". Figure 1: Fire tube Boiler Advantages of Fire Tube Boiler …

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criteria of weld defects - slideshare

criteria of weld defects - SlideShare

Acceptance criteria of weld defects as per different codes. ASTM B 31.1 BOILER PIPING CODE VISUAL EXAMINATION – Acceptance criteria Cracks on external surface Undercuts on external surface > 1 mm deep Weld reinforcement more than specified Lack of fusion on surface Incomplete penetration in root if accessible Online Course - LinkedIn

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is pwht of tts weld joint necessary? - boiler and …

Is PWHT of TTS weld joint necessary? - Boiler and …

2012-11-15 · Boiler tube leak is suspected in our plant. Tubes are SA213 Gr.,T-11, 3.2 m thick and 38 mm OD (qty. 120 ) Tube sheet is SA387 Gr.11, 21 mm thick. Boiler is high pressure. Tube to Tube Sheet weld joint is strength weld. We need to attedn thetube leak by plugging the leaky tube. Is the PWHT mandatory after repair welding by ER80S-G on TTS joint?

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flame arrestor - slideshare

Flame arrestor - SlideShare

For example, a standard in-line deflagration flame arrestor is designed to stop flame propagation in short lengths of pipe, involving low-pressure and medium-pressure deflagrations. The high-pressure deflagration flame arrestor is an enhanced 20-foot stack for a group "D" gas with flame arrestor near the base of the flare.

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